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Improper Conducts


Theft, pilferage, misappropriation or attempt of the same of the Company's money or property Fraud, dishonest, cheating, falsification or attempt of the same of the Company's property
Soliciting or accepting bribe or any illegal gratification Participating in unauthorised financial transactions

Breach of fiduciary relationship

Conflict of Interest

Spreading malicious rumours about the Company

Gross negligence and neglect of duty

Unauthorised disclosures of Company's confidental information

All forms of harassment

Commissionn of any act that brings disrepute, embarrassment or affects the Company

Commission of any subversive act

Habitual breach of any Company's order or any law applicable to the establishment or rules made

Conduct which is likely to cause injury or endanger the life or safety of another employee

Misrepresentation of the Company to others



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